Carol Buckley - Elephant Welfare Consultant
Carol Buckley, Winkie

Consulting Services

• expert witness
• elephant welfare speaker
• elephant welfare consulting
• passive control management training
• facility renovation
• sanctuary design and development
• elephant relocation
• elephant introduction
• elephant rehabilitation
• elephant end-of-life transition assistance

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About Carol Buckley

Carol was honored for her innovative work by the 2001 Genesis Awards and as A Hero for The Planet by TIME magazine. She has been the subject of recent features in The Chicago Tribune, People, The New York Times Magazine, and CNN, and has authored two children’s books on elephants. Carol attended the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College in California.

Carol is a well-known speaker on the subject of elephant care.

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Elephant Aid International
Founder and President/CEO
2009 to present
Hohenwald, Tennessee

Education and hands-on assistance to end the worldwide suffering of elephants. Working with scientists, veterinarians, mahouts, elephant caregivers and elephant welfare supporters, EAI is helping to change how the public relates to elephants; how mahouts and elephant caregivers train elephants; and how captive elephants are cared for worldwide.
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Elephant Welfare Consultant

1995 - present
Hohenwald, Tennessee
Provides assistance for elephants nationally and internationally.

July 2010 –present
Elephant Health and Behavioral Evaluation Inspection Program development for Animal Control Officers in the USA

April –July 2010
Facility and elephant health and welfare evaluation for zoos, private owners, NGO’s and government forest departments in Nepal, India and Thailand. Documented and reported on the foot health, facilities and management of 197 captive-held elephants in Nepal and India.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Co-Founder : 1995–present
President/CEO, 1995-2009
Hohenwald, Tennessee
Arranged for the release of and provided care for 24 elephants at the Sanctuary over 15 years. Developed Passive Control, a non-dominant elephant management system designed to meet elephant needs while insuring their autonomy. Worked with elephant care professional to develop and implement an integrative holistic approach to elephant medical care. Developed and oversaw the administrative office, hired and trained caregiver staff. Designed and produced educational programs for the public. Worked with governmental agencies and private organizations to strengthen regulations pertaining to the welfare of captive elephants. Spoke as an expert witness in defense of sound science regarding elephant welfare.

Coordinated the rescue of the first elephant ever confiscated by the United States Department of Agriculture; placed by the agency at The Elephant Sanctuary in 2003.

Provided assistance for elephants nationally and internationally.

Tarra Productions
Ojai, California
Exhibition, training, and care for female Asian elephant named Tarra
Promotion and performances for television, motion pictures and circus and zoo shows

Traveled in the US, Canada, and abroad performing in a number of circuses including Circus Gatini in Quebec, Canada and the Big Apple Circus in New York City.

African Lion Safari
Visiting elephant manager from the Racine Zoo, WI
Ontario, Canada
Oversaw the breeding of two zoo elephants on breeding loan

Elephant Supervisor
Bowmanville Zoo in Ontario, Canada and Racine Zoo in Racine, WI



Captive Elephant Management and Welfare Consultant, 1998
Negoiated for the humane treatment and the release of the 30 “Tuli elephants” held in a warehouse under dire conditions and exposed to daily beating as result of training sessions in Hartbeespoort Dam, South Africa

Elephant Management Consultant, 1992-2002
Chehaw Wild Animal Park, Albany, Georgia.
Assisted in the development of a comprehensive elephant management program. Consulted with the keeper staff regarding elephant and keeper training. Helped to develop and implement safety procedures, and care and management protocols. Consulted with management regarding facility improvement.

Independent Contractor, 1980-1994
Creation and implementation of elephant programs at:  Marriott’s Great America Theme Park; Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park; Santa Barbara Zoo; Kansas City Zoo; Nashville Zoo; and Granby Zoo.


Elephants Rescued/Relocated to Sanctuary

Tarra, 1995 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Barbara, 1996 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Jenny, 1997 - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Shirley, 1999 - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Bunny, 1999 - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Sissy, 2000 - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Winkie, 2000 - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Tina, 2003 - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Delhi, 2003 - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Tange, 2004 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Zula, 2004 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Flora, 2004 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Lota, 2004 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Misty, 2004 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Minnie, 2006 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Lottie, 2006 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Queenie, 2006 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Liz, 2006 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Debbie, 2006 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Ronnie, 2006 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Billie, 2006 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Frieda, 2006 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Dulary, 2007 – The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Ned, 2008 - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee


Awards & Honors

Independent Charities, Best in America Award, June 13, 2005
Of the more than 50,000 charities the Sanctuary is one of only 1500 which have been certified as meeting or exceeding the rigorous standards set forth by ICA.

Whole Foods & E-Town, E-chievement Award, December 9, 2001
Award celebrating those people who make a positive difference in their communities and beyond

Genesis Award, March 2001.
Carol Buckley was selected as Guest of Honor for the 15th annual Genesis Awards in light of her work to bring media attention to her cause.

TIME Magazine, Hero for the Planet Award, 1997
Awarded for innovative work in co-founding the first natural-habitat refuge for elephants in the United States



Exotic Animal Training & Management Program, 1974
Moorpark College, California


Selected List of Lectures

18th Annual Elephant Managers Association Workshop, Fort Worth Zoo, 1997
The Elephant Sanctuary - A Natural Habitat Refuge for Asian Elephants

USDA Lecture 2001
The Elephant Sanctuary - History of Success

Elephant Managers Conference 2001
The Elephant Sanctuary - Passive Control Management

AZA Annual Conference 2001
Zoos, Sanctuaries and Animal Welfare
Sanctuary: A Fundamental Requirement of Wildlife Management

Oakland Zoo Celebrating Elephants 2002
Featured Speaker

An Evening to Remember Because Elephants Never Forget 2003
Maine Friends of Animals & the Maine Animal Coalition
The Elephant Sanctuary - A Window into the World of the Majestic Elephant

20th Annual International Compassionate Living Festival, Raleigh, NC 2005
The Power of One
The Elephant Sanctuary - A Compassionate Alternative

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency 2006
The Elephant Sanctuary - Captive Elephants in Tennessee

A Symposium on Captive Elephants: Science & Well-Being April 17-19, 2006
Tufts University, North Grafton, Massachusetts

Yoga for Unity Conference in Princeton: November 2009
Princeton University,



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Buckley, Carol. Captive elephant foot care: Natural-habitat husbandry techniques.
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1992. EMA Statement on Free/Protected Contact. Elephant Managers'
Association Journal (EMA), III Indianapolis, IN. pp. 9-12.



The Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS).

Board Member, Elephant Managers Association, 1992.

Officer, Elephant Managers Association, 1991.

Steering Committee, Elephant Managers Association, 1990.


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