Weekly Update: TripAdvisor no longer makes money off of animal suffering

11tripadvisor-animals-master768Making steady progress for animal welfare. TripAdvisor no longer makes money off of animal suffering.  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/11/travel/tripadvisor-to-stop-selling-tickets-to-many-animal-attractions.html?emc=edit_tnt_20161011&nlid=17663786&tntemail0=y&_r=1

14615856_1286567708040254_7526071632518963441_oThe progress in Nepal is driven by the mahouts’ willingness to learn how to provide better care for captive elephants.

14566427_1286789894684702_1653308219345432894_oFoot disease is epidemic among elephants living in captive environments. Captivity-induced foot diseases among these long-lived beings can lead to physical collapse and death. Proper elephant foot care is vital for elephant health.

14650303_1287513497945675_8147598989740765811_nIf we want a future of compassion toward elephants, we must teach our children to care for all creatures.

14707902_1288403497856675_4883728828528651954_o28 DAYS UNTIL CLOSING! Only four weeks remain until the finalization of the ERNA land sale, and the elephants still need your help. Even the smallest contribution allows you to personally support the elephants in need of an environment to thrive. Donate today:elephantaidinternational.org/support

14724476_1289593234404368_7665143081699443228_nAnother incredible picture of a sweet elephant from Nepal.

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