Weekly Update: Elephants are more than a ride for your entertainment

234In a fantastic article, Elephant Watch Nepal explores the cruelty elephants endure throughout chained captivity. Elephants are more than a ride for your entertainment — they are living, breathing beings who deserve respect and compassion.

2Last year, a video was captured the moment Simsar Kali was freed from her chains — after spending 7 years shackled. The actions of Elephant Aid International in Nepal have recently been gaining the attention of media sites, such as One Green Planet.

14717311_1115814781788632_7464604301985460838_nWe cannot believe it has been nearly 2 years since we started building chain free corrals in Sauraha, Nepal. Thanks to your support, 106 elephants have benefited from our Chain Free Means Pain Free program.

14882155_1302122219818136_8189606582067987508_o“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” – Anthony Douglas Williams

14608833_1302174213146270_913941189433689731_oImagine spending your entire life shackled to the ground — trapped in agony by those who are supposed to care for you. Captive elephants should never be chained. They are sentient beings who deserve respect, autonomy and to be allowed to walk chain free and pain free.

14590068_1303170419713316_2063596753955300023_oThis breathtaking photo taken in Corbett National Park, India, captures the magnificence of a healthy herd of Asian elephants in their natural-habitat home-range.

Weekly Update: Current donation total is now at $858,945.00

captureThe current donation total is now at $858,945.00. From the bottom of our hearts, we deeply appreciate your support in our efforts to help provide a better environment for elephants. We want to acknowledge the kindness every individual who donates and likes, comments or shares our posts. You are all contributing to the cause. Thank you. Donate today:http://www.elephantaidinternational.org/support/

14713070_1290567650973593_3888856378838742979_oElephants in Asia compete with humans for nearly all resources, including bamboo, a staple of the Asian elephant diet and traditional building material for humans. As long as humans see their needs as more deserving, elephants will continue to suffer. We must continue our efforts by educating the mahouts and providing chain-free corrals for captive-held elephants.

14715661_1293375797359445_6945717541295315919_oShree (a mahout trained using EAI’s Compassionate Elephant Care) shows fellow mahout a more humane, more effective way to work around Samrat Gaj, a 4-month old captive-born elephant in Nepal. The mahout student is delighted by the results.

14714836_1293522757344749_3029055320299766199_oThis newborn calf, only hours old, suckles from his mother — aided by a mahout learning new ways of relating to elephants. Compassionate Elephant Care, an EAI program being taught to all mahouts at government owned hattisars (elephant stables) in Nepal, is changing how mahouts manage their elephants.

chitwan1Change starts with one person, who can inspire a whole group, who can go on to inspire the entire world. For elephants, chain free means pain free. By supporting the mahouts who care for impoverished elephants, the welfare of both is improved. Show the mahouts that you recognize their value. Support their transition from archaic to humane.

14692053_1295359530494405_4158283269240433179_o“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” – Charles Darwin

14711625_1295361663827525_8717717484992416154_oDid you know: Elephants take “dust baths” — as seen in the picture below — to protect their sensitive skin from sunburn and biting insects

14712991_1296262603737431_6131236874564709140_oThe ERNA closing date has been pushed to December 15th, so now we stand at 57 days until closing! To help raise funds for the elephant paradise, donate today at: elephantaidinternational.org/support.

Weekly Update: TripAdvisor no longer makes money off of animal suffering

11tripadvisor-animals-master768Making steady progress for animal welfare. TripAdvisor no longer makes money off of animal suffering.  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/11/travel/tripadvisor-to-stop-selling-tickets-to-many-animal-attractions.html?emc=edit_tnt_20161011&nlid=17663786&tntemail0=y&_r=1

14615856_1286567708040254_7526071632518963441_oThe progress in Nepal is driven by the mahouts’ willingness to learn how to provide better care for captive elephants.

14566427_1286789894684702_1653308219345432894_oFoot disease is epidemic among elephants living in captive environments. Captivity-induced foot diseases among these long-lived beings can lead to physical collapse and death. Proper elephant foot care is vital for elephant health.

14650303_1287513497945675_8147598989740765811_nIf we want a future of compassion toward elephants, we must teach our children to care for all creatures.

14707902_1288403497856675_4883728828528651954_o28 DAYS UNTIL CLOSING! Only four weeks remain until the finalization of the ERNA land sale, and the elephants still need your help. Even the smallest contribution allows you to personally support the elephants in need of an environment to thrive. Donate today:elephantaidinternational.org/support

14724476_1289593234404368_7665143081699443228_nAnother incredible picture of a sweet elephant from Nepal.

Weekly Update: The Nepali Times covered the changes at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp

d1w5kgeThe Nepali Times covered the changes at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp in Nepal. This is the wave of the future; elephants no longer used as entertainers, but the object of wildlife observation.

eai1Tiger Tops Elephant Camp is gaining media attention for its elephant-friendly tourism. Now, the elephants living at the resort are ride free, chain free and pain free.

14462994_1280461288650896_5640693018084859505_nNature Defense Foundation recently provided a significant grant towards EAI’s Elephant Refuge North America. This past Friday they hosted a “Meet and Greet” with EAI Founder Carol Buckley, for California Bay Area Foundations. The event was well attended by sincerely motivated individuals interested in elephant welfare. A huge thank you goes to all who attended and to Sarah Shaw of Nature Defense Foundation for hosting the event. If you would like to host an event for Foundations and others interested in supporting ERNA, please contact us.

elephant-adventure-3Another great write up for Tiger Tops Elephant Camp in Nepal, the first resort to go chain-free and discontinue using elephants for elephant back safaris. Instead they have partnered with EAI’s CEO Carol Buckley to create an elephant-friendly experience unlike any other, full of adventure and respect for elephants.

14469581_1282843808412644_6220498687450535139_n34 DAYS UNTIL CLOSING! The sale of the ERNA land will finalize on November 9th. The elephants still need you. Donate today to help these incredible beings thrive in a beautiful environment.

14484765_1282483931781965_9042817408079457784_nEveryone had fun and learned a lot at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp Foot Care Workshops!



  • The Wildlife Crime Unit in Nepal is recognized for their work to prevent wildlife trafficking.
  • Captive elephants in Asia suffer the worst foot health issues, both painful and permanent. This sweet lady suffered from such overgrown nails that her front toenail actually ripped away from her foot causing permanent damage to the connective tissue. She is now permanently crippled by the captivity induced injury.