Weekly Update: Chain Free Means Pain Free

chain-free-means-pain-free-just-look-at-this-happy-loving-familyChain free means pain free — just look at this happy, loving family.

14457423_1273834982646860_4444314854104071146_n“Man’s highest duty is to protect animals from cruelty.” — Emile Zola

captureThe ERNA land will provide elephants with autonomy in a natural, lush habitat filled with lakes, wooded areas and open pastures. Join us in helping these incredible animals thrive by donating today. Thank you for your continued support.

14481724_1275431695820522_7044993152666362946_o42 DAYS UNTIL CLOSING! Elephant dreams inch closer to becoming a reality as the ERNA land sale nears its finalization. Show your support today by visiting: elephantaidinternational.org/support

14519682_1275486852481673_8914519054289975268_nHow often are you able to dedicate your time to a cause that is important to you, such as elephant conservation?

14520579_1276901649006860_3795582997678227290_nThe word is getting out about EAI’s elephant foot trimming in Nepal. Private owners are requesting that their elephants receive foot trims whenever EAI staff are in the country. As part of our recent Foot Care Workshop, participants trimmed the feet of eleven Tiger Tops elephants and three elephants from Machan Wildlife Resort, a neighbouring resort. Ful Kali, one of Machan’s elephants, had overgrown and cracked nails. Even though this was her first pedicure, Ful Kali relaxed into it immediately, allowing Kevyn and Gigi to gain some serious foot trimming experience!

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Weekly Update: The first workshop was a complete success!


The first workshop was a complete success, raising consciousness about the plight of captive-held elephants and training an enthusiastic group of elephant lovers in the art of foot trimming. The second workshop begins today.

A few days ago a surprise excursion took us to one of the remote hattisars (elephant stables) inside the Buffer Zone forest adjacent to Chitwan National Park. The group was treated to a sample of the remote chain-free corrals EAI built in 2014, one of 31 corrals built for government-owned anti-poaching patrol elephants in Chitwan National Park. Shankar Prasad is a large male who lives chain free without incident in the solar powered corral even though he could easy dismantle the fencing with his ivory which does not conduct electricity.
The mahouts in all of the locations we work have exceeded our expectations. They are interested, engaged and are excited to show the progress they have made with their elephants. Sundar Mala’s new mahout shows off his skill teaching her how to put her foot up on a stump for foot trimming.
During his musth season a male elephant covers tens of miles daily searching out receptive females and socializing with his offspring in many different herds.
Did You Know? Baby female elephants remain with their mother their entire life. The male calves are driven from the herd around age ten.
David Clark, a filmmaker with National Geographic, is currently at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp in Nepal documenting Carol’s work.
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Weekly Update: Tiger Tops Elephant Camp is proving to be an amazing experience for all

3When teacher and student connect, the elephants benefit! EAI’s Elephant Foot Care Workshop at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp is proving to be an amazing experience for all

Herds of wild elephants grazing peacefully in the vast grasslands of India.

57 DAYS UNTIL CLOSING! The ERNA land and the surrounding climate are tailor-made for elephants, ensuring that each elephant who calls ERNA home will thrive.

Researchers have found that elephants are highly intelligent and capable of many human-like emotions, such as happiness, sorrow and even empathy.

Beautiful Jon taking a refreshing dip in the water.

“The pure joy an elephant exhibits when given a resemblance of freedom is what drives me to do more.” – Carol Buckley bit.ly/2cpBFhX


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Weekly Update: Terra Mater Magazine Covers Carol’s Work in Nepal

Earlier this year, Terra Mater Magazine, Austria’s equivalent to National Geographic, sent a writer and photographer to cover Carol’s work in Nepal. Here is a link to the English translation.eai1Many of the elephants used for elephant back safaris suffer from severe nail splits.

eai2Carol and a team of volunteers began EAI’s bi-annual foot trimming in Sauraha this morning. The mahouts’ trimming skill level is measurably improved.

eai3As of yesterday, the Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) fundraising total is at $871,565.39. Your donations will help make this elephant paradise a reality!

eai4Carol visiting with her Nepali family in Sauraha. From left to right: nanu (a term of endearment for a little girl), Shanti, Raju, Carol and Paspat (who is the elephant supervisor of National Trust for Nature Conservation).

eai5Carol boarding the plane from Kathmandu to Bharatpur on the way to foot trimming in Chitwan.

eai-6“Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing.” — John Donne. But in todays world, in response to the stress humans place on elephants in the wild and in captivity, elephants act out in ways contrary to their majestic nature.

eaiThe Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) land is an elephant paradise, featuring 850 acres of pastures, lakes, and forests.



  • Over the last 6 years, EAI has freed 106 captive-held elephants from chains in Nepal, Thailand and India.
  • Did You Know: EAI designed and built the first solar powered chain-free corral in Asia?