Elephant Aid International

These elephants benefit from the mobile health care program that I established over five years ago.

Welcome to my new blog! I am so excited to share this great news with you. Never one to stand around and watch the grass grow, I decided to create a new nonprofit company called 

Elephant Aid International.

I guess that makes all of you ELEAIDS.

The mission of Elephant Aid International is to assist elephants worldwide…one elephant at a time. I believe in the power of one, that every elephant counts. On my travels I will be searching for opportunities to learn about elephant and mahout life in Nepal, India and Thailand. Whenever and wherever possible, I hope to impart what elephants have taught me about non dominance passive-control management and the sanctuary life style.

It is my good fortune to be invited by elephant experts to participate in field work, elephant medical care, and even brainstorming with other like-minds for the creation of elephant sanctuaries in Nepal and India. I am focusing on the future, thankful for this opportunity to be of service on a much grander scale.  This trip is humbling, a fabulous opportunity to further my studies of this magnificent species and a chance to give back.

Imagine the prospect of sharing what I have learned from our girls to benefit their relatives, in their homeland. It is more than I ever dreamed possible. Talk about coming full circle and paying it forward. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. My flight to Kathmandu leaves April 12. After a pit stop in Bangkok I join up with a team of veterinarians and technicians for the first leg of my trip. I will blog as often as possible to include you in the adventure and of course introduce you to each and every elephant I am blessed to meet along the way. The future is indeed BRIGHT.